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Oh, That Shotgun Sky by Sarah Chorn

Oh, That Shotgun Sky by Sarah Chorn | Book Review
Oh, That Shotgun Sky by Sarah Chorn

Book Review

The boundary has fallen. Shine Country has erupted into chaos. Six strangers' lives are irrevocably changed as freedom from the company becomes a reality. But freedom won’t be won so easily.

Make sure you read Of Honey and Wildfires before this novella. Sarah Chorn wastes no time on backstory and jumps straight into the conflict and tension. Readers will see firsthand what happens after the Company loses its hold on the people within Shine country. It will be a brutal and emotional struggle all wrapped within the folds of brilliant writing.

While you’ve been told about the horrors and witnessed some of the atrocities committed for the company’s gain; Oh, That Shotgun Sky opens your eyes to the experiences of those working under Shine Company. From a company man to women forced to work in a saloon, you’ll see how each life was broken and ground into dust. And when the chance to run arrives, they take hold of that chance and fight to make freedom a reality.

And let’s not forget how both love and death can tear a person apart. How one person’s death can affect countless lives. The characters introduced to readers in this novella are no strangers to sacrifice, but how much can one person endure? Raw emotions and a fast-paced lyrical writing style will leave you craving the next book. I certainly need to know what happens next.

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