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Exit Strategy by Martha Wells | Book Review

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Exit Strategy by Martha Wells | Book Review
Exit Strategy by Martha Wells

Book Review

GrayCris is desperate. After Murderbot’s theft of their illegal information, they’ve decided kidnapping Dr. Mensha is their next best option. I don’t know about you, but kidnapping someone who is tied to a SecUnit doesn’t seem like a good idea. When a news burst comes across Murderbot’s feed involving Dr. Mensha and GrayCris, those pesky complex emotions start to crop up. And Murderbot finds itself en route to liberate Dr. Mensha.

No one thinks SecUnits can have emotions. Murderbot will tell you differently. In fact, the humans it finds itself thinking of as friends cause a whole variety of emotions it isn’t programmed to handle. And while Murderbot hates figuring out what these emotions are, it might actually admit to liking those humans. Must be part of that organic tissue they used to form its neural network.

I’ve realized I’m drawn to Murderbot because it struggles to deal with things humans experience every day. It brings to light all the little stresses that add up over time and begin to compromise the way we think. I can’t be the only one who’s had no clue what to do with their arms, or felt socially awkward around people that stir emotions I can’t name, or understand immediately. But not only that, Murderbot reinforces the theme that it’s ok to feel different. Just be yourself and do the best you can.

Murderbot is reaching a point in its character development where it outwardly no longer cares what people think. When readers first met Murderbot, most of its sarcasm and feelings were told through inner monologue. Now Murderbot is learning how to use body language and actions to show what it’s feeling. Even though Murderbot still doesn’t like to admit it feels anything. And it’s hilarious. You can count on Murderbot’s sarcastic humor to alleviate any situation.

The return of Dr. Mensha and the crew brings Murderbot’s story full circle, but it is far from over. And I can’t wait for Murderbot’s next adventure. Complex feelings, awkward encounters, and sarcastic humor included.

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