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All Systems Red by Martha Wells | Book Review

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All Systems Red by Martha Wells | Book Review
All Systems Red by Martha Wells

Book Review

Murderbot has hacked its own governor module. Technically it doesn’t have to listen to anyone or follow any program commands. But it does have to keep up some semblance of functionality so the company doesn't find out it’s been hacked. When Murderbot is rented by a team of scientists, it will encounter humans that have never worked with a SecUnit before. And just when it thinks the contract is going to be a boring one, the unexpected happens. Suddenly Murderbot will find itself doing a lot more than watching the scientists dig up soil samples.

Murderbot’s personality is fantastic. Picture a robot who knows it has a job to do, but would rather sit and watch soap operas all day. Begrudgingly Murderbot follows commands from the scientists, but it ignores all system commands. And every chance it gets, Murderbot is dissing the corporation that owns it. Martha Wells does clever world-building through Murderbot’s sarcastic remarks. Painting the corporate ruled world that does everything as cheap as possible for the readers to see.

Martha Wells also brings a new perspective to artificial intelligence. Instead of hearing about the doubts and fears from humans, readers have a chance to see through Murderbot’s eyes. It’s not comfortable being around humans. It would rather stay in the cargo hold than socialize. Its entire purpose before hacking itself was to be a security robot. But with Doctor Mensha’s team, it will be forced to come out of its shell and may just find that some humans aren’t so bad.

Packed within less than two hundred pages is a story that will grab you from the first sentence. The evolution of Murderbot was fantastic. The sarcastic humor was undeniably hilarious. And it all came together to create a world I crave to see more of.

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