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Artificial Condition by Martha Wells | Book Review

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Artificial Condition by Martha Wells | Book Review
Artificial Condition by Martha Wells

Book Review

Murderbot is determined to find out the truth about its past. It's heard about the horrific tales of a mining massacre but thanks to the company wiping its memory, can’t remember what happened that day. Was the mining incident an accident, or did it want to kill all those humans? Posing as an augmented human, Murderbot takes on a security job for a group of researchers in order to reach the mines. But helping them claim their stolen research isn’t going to be easy. And as Murderbot searches for answers in the mines, it will discover a lot more than it’s past.

Artificial Condition picks up right where the previous novel left off. Murderbot is trying to pass for an augmented human while it plans a route to the mines. Along the way, it encounters a sentient transport bot that it deems ART. If you thought All Systems Red was hilarious, wait until you read about ART and Murderbot trying to figure out humans. Between Murderbot’s knowledge from watching TV and ART’s ability to run searches and compound data quickly, they help each other understand human social cues and body language.

The evolution of Murderbot as a character is so clever. Bit by bit Murderbot’s outlook of the world and those within it is expanding. And it’s not only humans it's learning about, but other AI as well. Murderbot is guilty of putting AIs into categories based on type, even though it’s a unique individual. Of course, that is until ART comes along and rewrites how Murderbot views its own kind.

An introvert after my own heart, Murderbot is a character I cannot get enough of. I am eager to see how else Murderbot will evolve as the series progresses. If you haven’t tried the Murderbot Diaries yet give them a try. They are fast-paced sci-fi reads that are filled with action, sarcastic humor, and great storylines.

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