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Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells | Book Review

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Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells | Book Review
Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells

Book Review

When we first met Murderbot the GrayCis Corporation attempted to kill Mensha and her crew. And once again the company is trying to cover up shady business deals. With the news of Murderbot’s disappearance reaching a wider audience, it makes the decision to help Mensha and her public battle against GrayCis. After all, if the news explodes with the truth about the corporation, they’ll forget all about a rogue murderbot, right?

Sometimes you don’t realize what you’re missing until you witness someone else experience it. The introduction of Miki as a character was the reality check Murderbot needed. Miki brought to the pages a life Murderbot never imagined a bot being able to live. As Murderbot tried to identify and process newfound emotions, you couldn't help but feel for it as a new realization began to take place. And while the new feelings put them in multiple uncomfortable situations, it also paves the way for further character development. Not to mention Miki’s personality was adorable and the perfect counterbalance to Murderbot.

Rogue Protocol shows how hard it is to break free of the cycle you’ve been living almost your entire life. Murderbot was fit into a box. Everyone around it believed it was only good for one thing. Follow orders and kill when necessary. This novel is a pivotal turning point for Murderbot. And as it forges a new path, Martha Wells shows the growing pains and self-doubt that Murderbot’s previous life has inflicted on it. Whether it's through a split-second reaction or the fear of being touched by a human, Murderbot has been subconsciously scarred.

Martha Wells continues to impress me with the way Murderbot is portrayed. And as much as I love the characterization that takes place, the plot is just as good. No time is wasted introducing a new cast of characters with each novella. And there is plenty of action and suspense to go around. I cannot get enough Murderbot!

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