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The Lodge by Chris Coppel Book Tour

The Lodge by Chris Coppel Book Tour Banner
The Lodge by Chris Coppel Book Tour Banner

Ever wondered what it would be like if hunted animals were able to fight back?

The Lodge unveils the mystery of a hunting lodge in the remote hills of the Scottish Highlands during the Christmas holidays. After the report of an accidental death at the lodge, Andrew, a young constable from the nearest town, drives up through a growing blizzard.

Snowbound, Andrew and the guests take cover at the lodge as the terrifying ordeal unfolds. These animals have souls. Souls that won't rest until they've had revenge...

But will the hunters become the hunted?


The Lodge by Chris Coppel book cover
The Lodge by Chris Coppel

Book Review for The Lodge

Thank you to Black Tide Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Past and present storylines blend together with different types of horror written between them. Readers will experience emotionally devastating events in the past, while also bearing witness to body horror and gore in the present. Unease will creep its way into the reader's mind as they begin to reveal the horrifying truth behind the lodge and its animals.

The level of detail given to the body horror was spot on. This is not a book to read if you are squeamish. The souls lingering on past death certainly have revenge planned, and they will not hold back their anger or resentment when they strike. What starts as small actions easily ignored escalates into full-blown attacks and mauling by the end. 

While the acts of horror were thoroughly shown to the reader, the impact on the characters was not displayed as well. Characters certainly reacted to the horrific events when they saw them, but there wasn’t enough emotional connection. Adding more depth of detail to how the horror was affecting them would have brought it full circle. However, each incident escalates and adds to the tension, making the reader wonder if anyone would make it out alive in the end.

This is a quickly moving story and a bit of a puzzle builder as Chris Coppel weaves the meanings of the past into the present. The Lodge is for those who enjoy horror novels and a setting characters are trapped in.


About the Author

Chris Coppel
Chris Coppel

Chris believes that stories should be able to transport the reader to different places, where they can experience events and dimensions that have never been considered. Chris is able to write gentle fable-like adventures (Lucy) as well as opening the pages into dark and terrifying stories where dimensions co-exist with indescribable evil (Legacy). 

Chris Coppel was born in California and has since split his time between the USA and Europe, living in California, Washington DC, Utah, Spain, France, Switzerland and England.

Chris has held senior operations positions for both Warner Bros. and Universal Studios. Chris also held the position of Director of Operations for UCLA’s Film School where he also taught advanced screenwriting. Chris and his wife Clare spent many years helping animal rescue with Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. Before joining Best Friends, Chris was President and Managing Director of the Home Entertainment Division of Testronics in Los Angeles.

Following in his father’s footsteps (Alec Coppel wrote Vertigo among many other successful movies) Chris has written numerous screenplays as well as the novels Lifetimes, Lingering, Logistics, Double Down (as C.J. Axelrod), Liner, Lucy, Lakebed, Legacy, Lodge and Luck.

Chris is also an accomplished drummer and guitarist.


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