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Cinders of Yesterday by Jen Karner | Book Review

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Cinders of Yesterday by Jen Karner | Book Review
Cinders of Yesterday by Jen Karner

Book Review

Thank you to LibraryThing and City Owl Press for a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this book review.

What should have been a routine hunt, turned horribly wrong when Spectre appeared and murdered Dani’s partner. Many hunters have tried to take down Spectre, but the necromancer refuses to die. Now Dani is his new target as she chases down rumors of a weapon able to kill him. When her search leads to Dawson Maryland, she will cross paths with Emilie Lockgrove, a woman whose history is tied to Spectre. Together they will have to face Spectre, or die trying.

Cinders of Yesterday started off with strong Supernatural vibes. Dani is a tough as nails hunter, willing to risk her life to take down monsters. She moves from place to place, never settling for too long, chasing down leads. Sound familiar? Her attitude is sharp and her skills are on point. On the other hand, while Emilie may not be a battle hardened veteran, she isn’t helpless either. Both characters share a tragic past tied to Spectre and balance off one another. The two make quite the pair as they use their strengths to survive.

Throughout the novel, Dani drops small facts about hunters and their culture. It’s just enough to give readers a taste of the world they live in. The basics are easy enough to discern, but I would have enjoyed learning more about Dani’s life as a hunter before the events of this novel. There is so much detail spent developing the town of Dawson and Emilie’s history, but the closest look at Dani’s hunter past is her partner’s death. And while readers do learn about Dani’s history before she became a hunter, it is not given the same amount of detail as Emilie’s history.

However, Cinders of Yesterday will still keep you entertained as Dani and Emilie team up to take on Spectre. The fight scenes are intense and action packed. And while there isn’t as much fighting as you may expect, the story is filled with suspense, drama, and close calls. There is even a little romance woven into the plot as well. All in all, this was an enjoyable urban fantasy read.

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