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Before the Storm by Jack Byrne Book Review

Before the Storm by Jack Byrne book cover
Before the Storm by Jack Byrne

Before the Storm Book Review

Thank you to The Write Reads for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Vinny’s been running from his troubled childhood and the poor choices in his past. But when a friend dies of a supposed accidental overdose, the investigation into his death threatens to bring Vinny’s past mistakes to light. And while some secrets may be better left undiscovered, nothing will remain in the shadows by the end.

Before the Storm opens in an air of mystery and foul play, yet readers are only given a snippet of the opening crime scene before being pulled away to the main story. But the tension doesn't end there. As the story continues readers will be pulled into both past and present as Jack Byrne reveals the history binding certain characters together. And how no matter how hard they may try to run from the past, it will catch up to them.

Vinny is quick to judge others' paths in life while he has not made the best decisions himself. Not one to correctly read a room, he tends to speak before thinking and creates conflict among friends and foes. However, this generates a great amount of tension to propel the story forward and forces certain secrets out into the open. Ones that once discovered place him on a path he cannot turn away from.

Before the Storm is not only filled with mystery but also a healthy dose of political upheavals surrounding Brexit. Tempers will flare as certain individuals in both past and present voice their opinions on the matter. If you are a reader who enjoys a blend of mystery and light politics give Before the Storm a read.

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