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Winter by Marissa Meyer | Book Review

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

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Winter by Marissa Meyer | Book Review
Winter by Marissa Meyer

Book Review

Winter has been subject to the Queen’s harsh judgment for years. Forced to sit in the throne room as Levana causes countless deaths. Winter is beautiful but criticized for being meek and Levana makes sure she knows it. When Winter falls for her guard, Levana finds a new way to torment her, but Cinder has plans to overthrow Levana. Can Winter find it in herself to side with Cinder and rise against Levana?

Winter had an interesting twist in how she viewed herself and the Lunar gift. Despite her downfalls, she did her best in the situations she was given. But even though the title is Winter, there isn’t as much focus on the character as you might think. But this doesn’t impact the story negatively. Marissa Meyer makes sure the reader has enough of an idea behind Winter’s story before moving on. There is a much better balance between all the characters. I had a hard time identifying what fairytale Winter was based on, but with the amount of plot and character development I understood. I did figure it out once the poison apple came around.

The Lunar Chronicles was an ambitious series. Each book introduced a new fairy tale twist and two new characters to carry on into the story. Unfortunately by the time the last book, Winter, came around, there were a lot of characters that needed their arcs to close out. I think this is the reason the last book felt so slow. For certain scenes, I wasn’t sure at first why they were included and then I realized it was a pivotal moment for the characters involved. And there were other moments where I felt the scenes were stretched out and didn’t need the amount of filler contained in them. Is the series worth a read? Absolutely, the voice acting was wonderful in the audiobooks. Rebecca Soler, throughout this series, consistently voiced every character as I imagined they would be. Just prepare for a longer finale.

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