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The Skin by J.E. Hannaford Book Review

Book cover of The Skin by J.E. Hannaford
The Skin by J.E. Hannaford

Book Review

Selkie and her dear friend sought to dance upon the shores, never expecting humans to find them. As they began to celebrate new life and her friend’s oncoming marriage, a human male stole her skin. Enslaving her for wealth. Georgie upon arrival in a new city witnesses a woman beaten and belittled by her employer. But as she asks the woman to leave, she vehemently refuses. Georgie makes it a goal to free the woman, no matter the costs. Lady Gina aids a gentleman Sal in rescuing creatures of old from collections. Returning them to their homes, or taking them wherever they feel safest. And together the three women create a powerful narrative of hope, friendship, and freedom.

The Skin may at first confuse readers. The three main characters share such similarities that when listening to the audiobook I had a difficult time as the narrator switched between them. Now, the chapter headings are tied to the characters so there is a preview of which point of view you will be experiencing. And stick with it, when the connections between storylines form you’ll be glad you continued.

Each woman is strong in their own way. Enslaved among the humans, Selkie does all she can to protect herself, hiding in plain sight and avoiding notice. While she may appear docile, her mind is constantly turning, looking for her chance of escape. Georgie has a fierce determination to save another who is trapped. Knowing what it is like to be unable to leave a bad situation, she is determined to save the abused woman. Lady Gina travels across the world with her Black Hind crew, saving old ones from captivity. Her nautical adventures bring high risks both from those they infiltrate, to those they save. Not all old ones are willing to board a ship with humans. At the core of it, each woman fights for freedom, whether it be their own or the freedom of others.

And while the characters were a delight to read, the level of detail given to the world was just as fascinating. J.E. Hannaford builds a nautical world of myth and magic. One that has been ravaged by the advancement of humans, threatening nature and the magic of old. Readers will feel the emotional impact of the devastation wrought on the lands and their fabled protectors. And soon you’ll be ushering each character on as their part to play in the betterment of the world unfolds.

While The Skin is a tale of found family and nautical adventures, it’s also so much more. It’s a book for those who enjoy witnessing characters discover their inner strength and ability to help others while enduring hardships and heartbreak. This is one book I could not put down.

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