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The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson Book Review

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The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson book cover
The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson

The Hero of Ages Book Review

Through manipulation and decades of planning, Ruin does all it can to sway lives into the path of destruction. Its counterpart, Preservation, is drained as it tries to combat Ruin’s actions. Vin, Eland, and the team must figure out the hidden meaning of messages left by the Lord Ruler, who knew this day would come. But is it too late to turn back the devastation that Ruin has unleashed?

There are so many revelations taking place within The Hero of Ages. Careful planning and foundations of misdirection went into the previous books. When the truth is finally revealed readers will be hard-pressed to see it coming amidst the twists and turns. As things begin to click into place both the characters and readers will be left stunned.

The Hero of Ages touches upon recovering from grief and the battle against depression. As Sazed works to overcome his loss from book two, he begins a downward spiral. The religions he took such care to research have become meaningless. Readers will witness Sazed’s struggle to understand the circular nature of what he studied and how religions are formed over years of individual understanding and contribution. Sazed will come to a startling discovery about the history he holds close.

And then there is Spook. He goes through such an intense stretch of character development. Spook is no longer the boy crushing on Vin and lingering in the background. He makes it his goal to be a more effective part of the team. Even though all his choices are not wisely made, and he is influenced by darker intentions, Spook truly makes his mark on the world. And while not everything is perfect, he does discover self-worth and purpose.

The Hero of Ages is an intense conclusion to the original Mistborn novels. It leaves behind lingering mysteries the main cast could not discover and opens the door for even more adventure. Yet at the same time, it neatly concludes all the current character’s stories. Each of these novels was intense but easy to read. The politics are simple yet complex enough to influence the character's actions. This trilogy is for those who enjoy epic stories and well-developed characters and worlds.

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