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The Connection by David Billingsley | Book Review

The Connection by David Billingsley | Book Review
The Connection by David Billingsley

Book Review

Thank you to David Billingsley for providing me with a copy for an honest review!

After the tragic loss of her husband and child, Sandy McAllister has returned to her hometown of Dinley, Texas to start life over. She spends her nights working as a radio DJ for the small town and does what she can to leave the shadow of her suicide attempt behind. She stays on the outskirts, not daring to form any real relationships in the town outside of her father. Until a mysterious stranger shows up. One that puts everyone on edge. She feels a pull towards him she can’t explain. The appearance of one man is about to change the lives of everyone in Dinley.

David Billingsley’s attention to detail brought the town of Dinley to life. The history of the town and its people were flawlessly interwoven within the plot and created an atmosphere of small town life. This book is aptly named as the reader will discover the connections between people, be they friend or foe, and enjoy every minute of it.

The sci-fi within The Connection helps drive the plot forward but does not overtake the main elements of mystery. Being a reader who sometimes has a hard time with sci-fi, I loved the way it was used. As the stranger is introduced and the intrigue surrounding their being is built up, the sci-fi comes into play to enhance the mystery surrounding them. And the reader will soon find out, there is so much more to unearth within this small town.

Dinley is a town filled with a wide cast of characters, but their stories are presented to the reader in easy to retain portions. And with a combination of multiple character POVs and cliffhangers, the scenes that draw the most tension and conflict keep the reader glued to the pages. Readers who enjoy light sci-fi mysteries, and stories surrounding families will enjoy The Connection.

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