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The Alchemist: Dawn of Destiny by L. A. Wasielewski | Book Review

The Alchemist: Dawn of Destiny by L.A. Wasielewski | Book Review
The Alchemist: Dawn of Destiny

Book Review

All his life Ryris has hidden his magic. But as he journeys off to Keld to start his own Alchemist business, he’ll find himself in situations where magic will save his life. While on the search for rare ingredients he uncovers ancient history in the form of a crystal warrior named Kaia. She is determined destiny brought them together and as a Necromancer rises to threaten the countryside, Ryris must finally admit she’s right. Together they will embark on a journey to awaken the past in order to reclaim their future.

So many stories are told from the perspectives of warriors, or battle-worn magic users. Rarely is there a story where the main character is a noncombatant. I loved the fact that Ryris held to his path of being an alchemist, even when faced with impossible odds. Would it have been easier to have him learn how to fight and become an expert at it? Of course, but it was more entertaining to watch him use his wits and basic instincts with magic. And along his journey, he provided his companions support through his potions.

Ryris’ expeditions for ingredients and mixing potions in his shop were moments his character shined. Readers will be able to tell how much he loves his craft just by how he talks about it. He’s a sincere and charming character you can’t help but become invested in. He’s soft-natured and kind-hearted. To have him thrown into a time of unrest gives him so much room for growth. And Ryris’s road will be anything but easy.

L.A. Wasielewski knows how to write a truly despicable villain. As the main protagonist’s path into darkness was unveiled his evil acts became increasingly violent. He became enamored in his power and the destruction it could bring. Without hesitation, he would kill people and animals with the flick of a hand. Though I do wish he didn’t act so much like a child. But at the same time, his mentality adds to his vileness.

The Alchemist: Dawn of Destiny is a brilliant start to a new adventure. Evil has just begun to take root once more and I can’t wait to see where the next book takes Ryris and his companions. A fun fantasy read through and through.

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