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Slaying Monsters For the Feeble by Annette Marie Book Review

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Slaying Monsters For the Feeble by Annette Marie  book cover
Slaying Monsters For the Feeble by Annette Marie

Slaying Monsters For the Feeble Book Review

The evolution of Robin’s character from a meek girl to an empowered woman is off to a great start. Robin has so much left to go with her development, but the way she is beginning to assert herself in situations is encouraging. Robin is using her mind to think of new solutions and plan for a future version of herself. She’s even reluctantly started combat training to circumvent her natural reaction to run away.

And then there is Zylas. While he tested the boundaries of his contract with Robin in book one, in Slaying Monsters For the Feeble he’s going to push things near the breaking point. Robin and Zylas are both hard-headed and stubborn. When the two go toe to toe, there's a definite power difference. Robin keeps trying to use the customs and morals of humanity, but Zylas comes from a completely different environment. The two are going to have to sort their differences out to achieve their common goals.

Plot wise, there are so many tidbits and hints being dropped as to Zylas’ demon house being special and the origin of demon summoning. Readers will be enticed to continue reading to find answers. Not to mention the ongoing partnership and character development. Robin and Zylas’s relationship is so complex due to power differences and a base understanding of how the world works for each of them. They’re going to have to break down and try to understand one another, it’s just a question as to who will be the bigger of the two characters to do so.

Slaying Monsters For the Feeble is just as exciting to read as book one in The Guild Codex: Demonized. Readers who enjoy fast-paced, action heavy urban fantasy with complex relationships need to give this a try.

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