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Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim | Book Review

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Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim | Book Review
Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim

Book Review

Princess Shiori has been gifted with the power of magic, a power forbidden in her lands. But that does not stop her from using it when she believes no one is watching. Until Shiori decides to spy on her stepmother, Raikama and discovers she isn’t the only one with magic. Raikama curses Shiori, locks away her magic and turns her six brothers into cranes. And if Shiori dares to speak, each word will kill a brother. Cast out from her home, Shiori must find her brothers and discover a way to break their curses.

With her magic kept under lock and key from her stepmother’s curse, Shiori learns the harsh realities of the world. No longer the spoiled princess, she toils night and day, learning how to survive. The amount of character development she goes through is astonishing. It also adds to her awareness of how differently people are treated based on their appearances. The very thing she once did. Watching a spoiled princess become a clever and resourceful woman was quite the read.

My favorite character, Shiori’s paper crane Kiki, was a delight. The small paper bird was a steadfast companion and a wonderful friend. Shiori could turn to Kiki whenever despair began to overshadow hope. And despite her small size, Kiki was quick to nip at any foe threatening Shiori. Not to mention her attitude and witty banter helped move the story along when a lighter touch was needed. Kiki was exactly the character to keep the story flowing, trying to keep Shiori on task and encouraging her to do better.

The way Elizabeth Lim builds the world and twists the plot right underneath readers was amazing. I never saw what was around the corner as the story unfolded. And this is just the beginning. While Six Crimson Cranes introduces readers to a world filled with Asian inspired myth and magic, there is so much more left to discover. And with the way this book ends readers will be eagerly awaiting book two. I know I am. A book for those who enjoy stories with a folklore feel and Asian inspired mythology.

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