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Primnoire by Andrew Johnston Book Review

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Primnoire by Andrew Johnston book cover
Primnoire by Andrew Johnston

Book Review for Primnoire

Thank you to Warrioress Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Anna begins her journey as a kind-hearted but inexperienced person. Due to her burns, she has kept to her hometown and the surrounding land. As she is forced out into the world, she faces both scorn and acceptance for her scars. And while she suffers from self-doubt, the challenges she faces will cause her to go through a large amount of character growth. And even though she evolves as a person, at her core she retains her key beliefs.

The culture Anna grew up in is evident throughout Primnoire. She is a follower of Simdorn and often asks the goddess for guidance and strength. Though there is no magic associated with her prayers, it is a strong representation of what Anna believes in. Readers will also be able to see the cultural decline throughout the land in comparison to Simdorn’s teachings. Not only is the current Prime willing to blatantly break the laws of his land, but he is also slowly tearing away the foundation of the people as well. 

Anna and her companions will face many hardships together, forming relationships that enable Anna to see her potential. The bond she shares with her storm bison Cole is especially heartwarming. Cole is in tune with Anna’s feelings and the two would defend each other to the bitter end. As Anna grows closer to her journey’s end, all she has learned from her interactions with the world and its people will decide her ultimate fate.

This novel falls into the epic fantasy genre as Anna and her companions journey from one quest to the next to fulfill their goals. Readers who enjoy stories focusing on character growth and fantasy will enjoy Primnoire.

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