• Tabitha Tomala

In an Absent Dream by Seanan McGuire

Updated: Jun 11

Raised in a household that thrived on rules, it’s no surprise Lundy would find a world of logic and reason. In this prequel, readers will learn of the goblin market. A place where fair value is the only form of payment. There, Lundy will find her first friend and learn lessons that her world of school and books could never teach her. But every choice comes with a price, and you must follow the rules. Lundy will find that the consequences of her actions, are not always easy to live with.

Readers will watch as Lundy grows and tries to understand the differences between her world and the goblin market. As she travels between the two, she must decide which is her best choice, before the door to her chosen world closes forever. At first, it seems like such a simple choice, but nothing is ever easy.

You’ll be captivated by this latest installment to the Wayward Children! Each book takes the readers through another doorway, to another world. And each one is as unique as the characters themselves. There are endless possibilities, and I’m certainly ready to see what else I can discover!

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