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Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire

Updated: Jul 12

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Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire

In the world of the Wayward Children, sometimes the most impossible and improbable solution is the one you need. After all, when Rini lands in the turtle pond dressed in frosting, missing two fingers, and demanding to see her dead mother, is there really anything else the children can do? The children must start a new quest, one that will take them through the doors of both logical and nonsense worlds. They are in a race against the clock to resurrect Sumi and save her disappearing daughter.

Beneath the Sugar Sky will let you revisit old friends and learn the backstories of some of the original children. From start to finish, you’ll be engaged in the beautiful world-building Seanan McGuire portrays in each of these novels. And after two books of logical worlds, this new installment of the Wayward Children will show you what a nonsense world is all about.

You’ll visit a world where the sea is made of soda, the sky is filled with candy, and the clothes are made from pastries and chocolate. The trees are filled with cake pops and cookies, and you’ll never gain a pound eating it all. The rules of logic don’t exist, and when the logical children of the school enter a nonsense world, they will have to fight against their instincts and reasoning. If they think too hard about the nonsense, the world will cast them out and all will be lost.

Another fantastic installment in the Wayward Children series. This one was just as creative as the previous two books, and while it wasn’t as dark, the sense of tension and desperate hope was still there. I can’t get enough of this series!

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