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First Rider's Call by Kristan Britain Book Review

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Book Review

The riders may have defeated the Eletian who cracked the D’Yer wall, but darkness still seeks to escape. Alton D’Yer travels to learn the wall's secrets in hopes of repairing it. However, what lurks beyond will not give up easily. Dark magic long buried and forgotten will rise up against the riders and seek to destroy them one by one. And when the rider’s need their magic the most, it will begin to fail them.

First Rider’s Call brings readers deeper into the world of Sacoridia. As rider abilities begin to fail, Karigan’s will force her to witness past events. Through each ghostly tale readers will be steadily pulled into the history of the rider’s last encounter with Mornhaven the Black. The sacrifices once made to combat him and his legacy are brought to startling clarity. But with a history long buried and failing abilities, the riders will be hard pressed to push back the encroaching darkness. Kristen Britain brilliantly builds up the depth of evil with each book. And as the desperation of the riders grows, the intensity surrounding their fate will pull readers into the narrative and refuse to let go.

Karigan has come a long way from the first Green Rider book. While her streak of stubbornness still lands her in hot water, readers are able to see how independent she has become. Tainted by wild magic she is a target for Mornhaven the Black’s followers, but this time she is fully prepared to embrace her rider ability and defend her fellow riders. Karigan has formed bonds with them and refuses to go down without a fight. And while she may not win every battle, she will do all she can to rise up and fight again.

I cannot wait to see what else is in store for the riders. By the end of First Rider’s Call they have taken heavy losses and some may never be the same again. But despite it all they still have a kingdom to help protect. Fans of high fantasy, if you have not picked up Green Rider yet, I urge you to give this series a try.

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