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Dungeon Crawler Carl by Matt Dinnimann Book Review

Dungeon Crawler Carl by Matt Dinnimann book cover
Dungeon Crawler Carl by Matt Dinnimann

Dungeon Crawler Carl Book Review

When Carl chases his ex-girlfriend's cat outside in the middle of winter in his boxers and a pair of her poorly fitting crocks, he never expects the world to end. Carl no sooner reaches the cat, Donut and every building as far as he can see collapses into a pile of rubble. To top it off, he and the rest of the surviving world are given a choice. Enter a televised dungeon created from the vaporized objects and creatures within them, or try to survive topside with no shelter or resources. Carl and Donut will descend into the dungeon and alien public eye. Together they will have to defeat monsters with flare and style to survive.

Dungeon Crawler Carl takes what seems like a ridiculous premise and plays straight into it using sarcastic humor and cheesiness with grace. Donut and Carl are a dynamic duo as they fight through the dungeon’s first few levels. Donut is willing to jump in head first, spells flying, and Carl formulates the plans. While they have to take down monsters to earn experience points just like in a game, they also need to catch the attention of sponsors and viewers watching their journey. And this is where Donut shines.

Donut, or as we come to know her as Princess Donut later on, is a riot. With a high charisma score, she easily charms others and with her experience at cat shows, she knows how to work up a crowd. In the world of Dungeon Crawler, the more views the better. Donut’s persona is akin to a child learning to interact with the world. While she is a fast talker, she doesn’t have the knowledge needed to navigate the more complex puzzles or devious characters. But that is where Carl comes in.

Essentially barefoot, Carl has to learn to fight with his feet and hands. And while the sensation of squashing bugs barefoot is not his idea of a good time, he has to work with what he has. It doesn't help that the AI controlling the dungeon fixates on his bare feet. With Donut shooting magic missiles from her eyes, and Carl stomping through the enemies, they engage in hysterical and intense battles. As the difficulty increases, Carl will use his mind to find weaknesses and exploit whatever he can to ensure they survive.

Dungeon Crawler Carl is a quick and exciting read. Readers will bust out laughing from the quips Donut and Carl throw at one another to the insane battles they fight their way through. And underneath all the gusto are solid themes of friendship and survival. This is a highly recommended novel for those who enjoy humor and LitRPG.

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