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City of Glass by Cassandra Clare | Book Review

Updated: May 1, 2021

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City of Glass by Cassandra Clare | Book Review
City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

Book Review

And my reread continues!

City of Glass allows readers a glimpse into Alicante, the fabled city of the Shadowhunters that they have been hearing about since book one. The Shadowhunters are gathering, as Valentine prepares to launch an attack against the city. His ultimate goal to eradicate anyone who does not pledge loyalty to him. As war brews on the horizon, Clary desperately tries to find a cure for her mother’s endless sleep. Simon has also found himself in trouble. Accidentally being transported to the city of Idris with the rest of the crew, Simon is wrongly imprisoned by the Shadowhunters. And of course, the tension rises as Clary and Jace fight against their feelings for one another. With so much at stake, there are bound to be sacrifices and losses.

This is a much longer book than the previous two novels. It almost seems like it could have been broken down into two separate books with the way the storyline progresses. But with that being said, Cassandra Clare did a good job of providing entertaining conflicts, and a steady pace with her plot development. Because of its size, readers also have the chance to see larger sections from the cast of characters. Of course, Clary and Jace steal the spotlight. The dynamics between the two are what enamored me to the series, and each book only proves to be more intense.

The series certainly takes a darker turn with this addition. If you’ve read the first two books, you know that the overall tone of The Mortal Instruments is dark, but there are no pulled punches as Valentine cuts his way through Shadowhunters to attain his goal. I prefer to read books with darker themes, and I was just as glued to the pages as I was with my first read through.

This is a great recommendation for fans of the urban fantasy and young adult genres. I would say it is more geared towards the older side of YA with the battle scenes and brewing romance. Adults will enjoy it as well! I’m off to start the next book!

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