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Bloody Spade by Brittany M. Willows Book Review

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Book cover for Bloody Spade by Brittany M. Willows
Bloody Spade by Brittany M. Willows

Book Review for Bloody Spade

Chaos and confusion ensued as the Reemergence brought magic screaming back into the world. Many lost their lives. And many gained powers they never wished to have. But from the ashes, Cardplay was created. A group of magic individuals who work to fight back against the dark uses of magic, and save those who have been poisoned by it. And Iori’s been on their list for a while due to his use of Void magic with being poisoned. When a new surge of magic hits the city, Iori finds himself right in the middle of falling into Cardplay’s hands.

Iori captured my heart from the first page. While he has an aloof personality deep down readers can see he’s missing personal connections in his life. Due to tragedies in his past, he’s kept himself distant from everyone, staying in the shadows and doing his best to survive. Iori is a misunderstood character with a whole wealth of potential. If only the right people were to help guide his path. He also carries a bad boy flare from outward appearances, yet has a kind heart.

But Iori isn’t the only complex character. Alexander is tormented by the night his parents died. Fueled by misunderstanding and anger, he targets all his negative emotions towards Iori. When the two collide, it is both emotionally and physically brutal. Each new clash brings another level to their rivalry and exposes the mental and emotional damage each has suffered from the Reemergence.

Bloody Spade will not only hook readers in with its characters but also with its anime influence and magic. Each battle brought to life the power of its wielders in a brilliant display. As I read through each battle, I could picture the animation in my mind of the amazing abilities and power. Each battle elevates the power level and difficulty for all involved. Drawing the reader in with close calls and tense moments.

Words cannot express how much the characters in this book resonated with me. From the rivalries to the friendships, each character arc will hit your emotions. Combining wonderful characters with a fast-paced and action-packed story was a winning combination. And if you enjoy anime you need to give this book a try.

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