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Blood & Honey by Shelby Mahurin | Book Review

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Blood & Honey by Shelby Mahurin | Book Review
Blood & Honey by Shelby Mahurin

Book Review

Reid and Lou have a difficult path ahead of them. Wanted throughout the kingdom and hunted by both witches and chasseurs, they must find a way to bring down Morgane. But the witch is following their every move, leaving behind riddles and taunting them every step of the way. And as their time to act grows closer, they will find it difficult to convince anyone to rise against Morgane.

The focus of Blood & Honey makes a dramatic shift from the relationship between Lou and Reid, to the events they were involved in. Gone was the witty banter back and forth, gone was the emotional tension. Instead, it was replaced by a wedge between them created by the use of magic. Anger and frustration took hold of both characters. And while this led to an almost complete halt on relationship development, it gave Reid’s character a push.

The small cracks in Reid’s belief present during Serpent & Dove have begun to make him question everything in Blood & Honey. And when Reid puts his foot down his stubbornness rivals Lou’s. The two are headstrong in their beliefs and neither wants to compromise, causing the couple to be at odds for most of the book. Reid is also processing his grief and guilt over his actions in the previous novel. This mixture of emotions made Reid hesitate and question his choices at every turn. The storyline progressed at a slow pace and was increasingly frustrating when Reid refused to do the one thing that would make things easier. But of course, on the other hand, he wouldn’t be Reid if he took the easy path.

Even though this book takes a step back from the young adult romance, it is still a good story. Shelby Mahurin introduces both the blood witches and the werewolves and all the tension that goes along when rivals meet. The barbed commentary and close calls resulting from their time on the page make all the difference. And don’t forget, Morgane’s presence hovers in the background, playing mind games and forcing the characters into precarious situations. I was also happy to see the use of magic ramp up and the teasing lore bits dropped into the plot.

I have no doubt Lou will take a larger part in Gods & Monsters. The path her character has been set on is not going to be easy, and after Reid’s rise and fall in Blood & Honey, I hope the two return to being a powerful team.

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