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Aliens In My Garden by Jude Gwynaire | Book Review

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Book Review | Aliens in my Garden by Jude Gwynaire
Aliens in my Garden by Jude Gwynaire

Book Review

Everything was normal in the Garden. Skoros was away scheming in his castle, Harper was crashing through the woods trying to be a graceful owl, though not quite making the cut, and Alditha was being her regular witchy self. But all that changed when Celeste, arrived in her teacup of a spaceship on a mission to find her lost kin. Skoros sees her as a way to further his technological advances. After all, if he's the most powerful wizard he can make his claim as ruler of the Garden. But the denizens of the Garden will not be so willing to allow him to rule.

A week ago, if someone told me they were blending a world of magic and dragons with aliens and technology, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible. Jude Gwynaire has a talent for making the impossible happen with Aliens in My Garden.

As you travel the world of the Garden, vegetables, and minerals come to life. You’ll meet characters such as Tom the potato, a Gardener known for his talent at digging holes, and the Green Man, a gentle tree who loves to eat strawberry marshmallows. This brilliantly crafted world is filled with heartwarming characters that use their humor and wits to wriggle out of the most difficult of circumstances.

I think what truly makes this book come alive is the amusing comebacks from characters like Alditha, “You do know that people only understand about half a teaspoon of what you say don’t you?” When anything close to technical speech comes out, Alditha is quick to say what’s on the reader's mind and ask for the language to be simplified. It breaks the tension and makes you laugh as the two worlds, magic and technology slowly blend as the characters begin to understand each other.

And for all the humor it holds, Aliens in My Garden is more than just another story. It shows the reader that even though you may be different from your neighbor, it doesn’t mean they should be treated differently. By working together, great things can be accomplished.

This novel is a fast-paced, adventurous read. You won’t want to put this book down! It's a colorful and creative ride, taking you places you'd never expect. From spaceships to dragons, this has everything a fan of the sci-fi and fantasy genres is looking for.

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