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Aethyna Queen of Game: Neko Revolt by Sparrow the Sissy | Book Review

Book Review: Aethyne Queen of Game: Neko Revolt by Sparrow the Sissy
Aethyne Queen of Game: Neko Revolt by Sparrow the Sissy

Book Review

Thank you to Sissy the Sparrow for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

While moving between foster homes, Aethyna never expected her new one to have a legendary arcade cabinet. Unable to resist giving it a try, Aethyna finds herself transported to a virtual galaxy. Thrown straight into battle Aethyna’s skills will be tested. When her ship takes heavy damage it seems as though the end is near. Until a cat robot called GoGo saves her life. When Aethyna learns GoGo and her fellow Nekos are enslaved to Admiral Claudius, she rises alongside her companion to take down Claudius.

The overarching quest to liberate the Nekos was engaging and action-driven. However, large amounts of dialogue cut into the story flow. Oftentimes Aethyna told the reader what she was feeling instead of showing the reader. The dialogue also relied heavily on physical attraction and using insults based on anatomy. Each time the characters dived into this sort of monologue the plot and purpose fell into the background. There is enough present within the writing to bring to life a feeling of hardship and hope for a better future. The dialogue needs to be cut back and refocused on bringing the emotions and tone of the story forward.

Sparrow the Sissy incorporated a wide array of creatures and cultures within Aethyna Queen of Game Neko Revolt. The amount of creativity invested in the world was put to good use. Aethyna meets various protagonists who share similar characteristics to obstacles she faced in life outside the game. There were also comparisons made between the oppression within the game to the history of enslavement.

Aethyna’s past is woven into the storyline, providing brief flashbacks for the reader. Each time a part of her history is shown, it explains her reactions to certain situations. This layering effect was a great tool to use. It should have been brought into the storyline earlier. The flashbacks were a great way to build ties to Aethyna and her well-being. I looked forward to each new piece of her history being revealed.

Aethyna Queen of Game Neko Revolt is a novel for readers who enjoy virtual reality settings with themes based around politics and fighting against oppression. Due to the amount of swearing and discussion of anatomy contained within this book I would recommend this for an adult audience.

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