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A Lust For Blood by K.C. Smith Book Review

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A Lust For Blood by K.C. Smith book cover
A Lust For Blood by K.C. Smith

Book Review

Thank you to R & R Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

There is a raging bloodlust within Oriana. Each time the full moon rises it breaks free and any within her reach become victims. Cursed to relive the horror again and again, Oriana has surrounded the town of (name) with a magical forest. But demon hunter Garren has found his way through, learning of the demon who hunts each full moon. Now Oriana must hide her true nature from Garren or else be struck down. And all the while a thought lingers in the back of her mind. If Garren was able to make it through the forest, is she truly trapped?

A Lust For Blood carries readers through both the past and present as Oriana and Garren’s stories are told. There is an allure the characters feel towards one another as they each hold onto closely guarded secrets. The mysteries surrounding them are just as enticing to the reader as they are to the characters. And there is no doubt that Orianna and Garren begin to feel a physical attraction.

But as their pasts came to light, I wish there had been more detail behind Oriana’s. Her backstory is steeped in betrayal and tragedy. But while readers will discover the origin of her curse, the reasoning behind it remains unclear until almost the end of the book. I needed more pieces to put into place as Orianna struggled with her affliction. Characters from her past would appear and force her into claiming victims. Without the reasoning behind it all, I found the actions of the characters confusing and disjointed.

However, K.C. Smith did a fantastic job describing Oriana's struggle with the curse. Each transformation was a battle and the emotional turmoil brought intensity to the story. The grief and guilt Orianna faced down after each full moon was heart-wrenching. Watching Orianna’s curse take its toll on her mentally brought the readers closer to the character and the hope that somehow, someway the curse could be lifted.

I would recommend A Lust For Blood to readers who enjoy a relationship based on instant attraction with a hint of forbidden love. This is a fantasy romance novel, with a mix of folklore as well. While it is not necessarily a fast-paced novel, it will keep readers attention with the mystery of Orianna’s curse and her bloodlust free days running out.

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