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Would You Rather Book Edition | Book Talk

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Thanks, Books Are 42 for tagging me in this! And sorry it took so long for me to actually make a post! This was a fun one to participate in! And I hope you all enjoy my answers. ^_~

The Rules:

Answer the questions given to you by your nominator.

Make up your own questions and tag others.

The Questions

1. Would you rather spill coffee/tea on your current read or be forced to read it with greasy fingers?

Ouch. I’ve been reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks on my phone, so no liquids for sure! Then again if I were reading my paperback books…. I’ve known the pain of dropping your book in a pool. ☹ Let’s go with greasy fingers. On a phone, I can wipe it away, and the paperback books will be a bit more salvageable!

2. Would you rather only be able to read new releases or only read backlist books?

I am so impatient for new books to come out. If I pick only a backlist, then I would have to wait even longer! But then again, I don’t think I could read fast enough to get through all the new books I want to read before they hit the backlist. Let’s go with reading only backlist books so I don’t miss my chance to read the books I want. Even if I have to wait longer for some to hit the backlist.

3. Would you rather crack the spine of a paperback or dog-ear the pages?

Damaging books. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. I cannot bring myself to dog-ear pages of a book and it breaks my heart to crack the spine of my paperbacks if I'm not careful. Let’s go with cracking the spine of the books since unfortunately, this happens to me often despite how hard I try not to. You know those 600 pages mass markets are the worst for cracking.

4. Would you rather only be allowed to read the first and last book in a trilogy or have to wait three years for the final book to come out?

I would definitely wait three years for the final book to come out. I don’t understand how some people can read books out of order. Not me! I am a stickler for reading them in order or not at all.

5. Would you rather only read series or only read standalones?

This one isn’t too hard for me. It is very hard for me to find standalone fantasy books that I enjoy. Whereas I have so many series that I read. I pick only reading series!

6. Would you rather your favorite book be turned into a movie or a TV show?

Oh boy, this is certainly a tough decision. It’s so hard to find movies or TV shows that do a book justice. I’m going to go with a TV show because there is a lot more room for improvement. Plus, I can name more TV shows adaptations I have enjoyed vs movie adaptations.

7. Would you rather the adaption of your favorite book be badly cast or leave out your favorite scenes?

I would rather my favorite scenes be left out. Bad casting leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I've turned away from screen adaptations because of it. As long as they don't go changing everything around, yes Shadowhunters I'm looking at you on Freeform, then I can live with left out scenes.

8. Would you rather have dinner with your favorite author or your favorite character?

I would rather have dinner with my favorite character. I am so socially awkward; I think talking to a fictional character might be easier. Especially if I’ve read every book they’ve been in!

9. Would you rather kill your favorite character or spend the rest of your life with your least favorite villain?

Sorry Jace, Kaz, and Nikolai, I don't think I could live with Sebastian or Jarl Brum. I would most likely come to a quick end. It's either you or me guys, and I'm not ready to kick the bucket.

10. Would you rather only read your favorite genre for two years straight or be allowed to read anything but your favorite genre for two years straight?

I am not a very adventurous reader. I tend to stick with the fantasy genre unless on rare occasions I dip into fiction. And I do read YA fiction, but that tends to go in spurts. I have to stick to my favorite genre here and only read fantasy for two years straight. I think I can manage!

My Questions:

1. Would you rather live the rest of your days in Narnia, or Middle Earth?

2. Would you rather have a friend who loses your books, or a friend who returns your books damaged?

3. Would you rather read a book with pages missing or a book with paragraphs missing?

4. Would you rather read a book with poorly written secondary characters or a book that has poor plot development?

5. Would you rather only read novels written in poetry or written in screenwriting format?

6. Would you rather have the ability to live in the world of your books, or be able to bring the characters from your books into your world?

7. Would you rather have your favorite book be turned into a play or an opera?

8. Would you rather have to read every other book out of a series or read only the first half of a series?

9. Would you rather read a book before watching the movie adaptation or read a book after watching the movie?

10. Would you rather have the end of a book spoiled for you or never finish reading the book?

I Tag:

Have fun!

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