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Wool by Hugh Howey Book Review

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Wool by Hugh Howey book cover
Wool by Hugh Howey

Wool Book Review

To those in the Silo, life underground is all they’ve ever known. Any remnants of the past and life on the outside have been lost. The one truth left behind is that death waits for any who venture outside. But some would seek out the past. Those who would see the order of the Silo disrupted to calm their curiosities. But order must be kept, and there are certain individuals in place that will maintain it at any cost.

Wool tells stories of the Silo through multiple viewpoints. Each story weaves together to establish the foundations of the world. There will be a succession of main characters as Hugh Howey draws readers deeper into the inner workings of the Silo. Each learns the truth in different ways and has varying degrees of reactions to it.

There was a wonderful opportunity to use the various stories to entice readers into the truth of the Silo. Yet there was a lack of tension surrounding the reveal. Readers' attention is drawn more toward solving crimes occurring in the Silo. And while the political machinations were devious and sure to keep readers engaged, the execution felt disjointed. This could have been caused by the writing style.

There were also some character plot points revealed at odd times. Feelings like jealousy were used for plot progression when characters were in situations that didn’t line up. If someone’s life is in immediate danger, I’m not sure their romantic interest would be worried about jealousy. The safety and well being of the character they care for would overtake their emotions. While moments like this enhanced the reader’s understanding of character backgrounds, the catalyst could have been done better.

The story of the Silo is fascinating though and readers will be eager to see what comes next. With the information revealed in this first Omnibus, there is so much left to explore in this world. I’m willing to give this series another try in the hopes of uncovering the events that led up to the Silo.

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