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Untamed by A. G. Howard | Book Review

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Untamed by A. G. Howard | Book Review
Untamed by A. G. Howard

Book Review

While the Splintered series is told from Alyssa’s point of view, Untamed gives readers a chance to see how some of the secondary characters felt about Wonderland. A. G. Howard will take readers on three separate adventures. The first visiting memories of Alyssa’s parents. The second Morpheus dives into Jeb’s memories. And the third is Alyssa’s journey after the series conclusion when her reign as Queen begins.

Much of the story for Alyssa’s parents are summarized rather than shown as the main series progresses. But all that changes with the first short story in Untamed. You’ll learn how her mother and father discovered Wonderland and the fateful day they met. All the pieces of their story come together on the page as the whole picture is finally formed.

And while the first story provides a prequel, the second takes place during the main storyline of the series. Readers will have the chance to view Wonderland from Jeb’s point of view. Morpheus is determined to find out why Alyssa is attracted to Jeb. His thirst for knowledge leads him to Jeb’s memories where he will witness Jeb’s dedication to Alyssa. Each of Jeb’s memories reinforces his love for Alyssa.

And lastly, the third story tells of Alyssa’s future in Wonderland when her human life has come to an end. The future Morpheus has dangled in front of Alyssa since book two is brought to life. Alyssa shows how she has grown through the years and proves her worth as the Red Queen, bringing the series to a satisfying end.

Each short story is a snippet that helps build upon the characters readers have come to know and gives them a proper send-off. Untamed is the perfect wrap-up for the Splintered series. And while it isn’t filled with macabre horror or magical mayhem, the overall atmosphere A. G. Howard has created carries on till the end.

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