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Three Mages and a Margarita by Annette Marie Book Review

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Three Mages and a Margarita by Annette Marie book cover
Three Mages and a Margarita by Annette Marie

Three Mages and a Margarita Book Review

Tori has experienced plenty of rude customers, and they’ve all cost her a job. Of course, her temper doesn’t exactly help. Apparently, management doesn’t appreciate throwing food at them. Jobless Tori finds a job ad for a bartender. It’s not in the best part of town, but she’s running out of options. Little does she know it's a guild filled with supernatural customers. That is until she tosses the first drink in their face.

Tori’s attitude and quick temper are such a treat to read. Tori’s a genuinely nice person, she just doesn’t take grief from anyone. And with the new crowd, she finds herself in, her temper is an asset. It also means there are quite a few times when Tori finds herself in over her head. But her temper gives Tori a slight edge. None of the supernaturals expect her to run into danger fists flying. She does take some hard hits, but despite it all, she still rushes into danger when no one else is able to.

And the dynamics between characters are a delight. There’s flirting and good natured banter as Tori builds the foundations of friendship with three mages who become her allies in the guild. They introduce Tori to the magical side of the community, and the various types of magic. Being the only human in the guild means there’s plenty for Tori to learn. But the reader isn’t overwhelmed by the information. There’s just enough given for the reader to understand the basics of the magical world, much like Tori learning for the first time.

There’s also an air of mystery surrounding the first novel as a kidnapping attempt goes awry. And of course, Tori ends up dragged into it. As she sees the events unfold Tori attacks a mage with none other than an umbrella. But it establishes some of the dirtier politics surrounding the guilds, and the extent of danger Tori may find herself involved in if she chooses to keep her job. She is only human after all, and it puts her at a major disadvantage. Yet, it also provides plenty of room for Tori to develop as the series progresses.

Three Mages and a Margarita is a quick and easy read with plenty of action and comedy. Witnessing Tori hold her own amongst the magical community is a fun ride. And as she begins to form connections with the guild members, there is a definite theme of found family being established. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Tori in the next novel.

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