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These Violent Nights by Rebecca Crunden | Book Review

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These Violent Nights by Rebecca Crunden | Book Review
These Violent Nights by Rebecca Crunden

Book Review

Beings known as Surii now rule the Earth. Superior to humans with their abilities, they have taken over and set out to eradicate every last human. But within their ranks are Suriis who wish for a different world. One where humans and Suriis can coexist. Thorn and Thistle, on the run and the last of their human group to survive, stumble across one such Surii. When he offers a chance at a better life, Thorn has a hard time believing it isn’t a trap. But where Thistle goes, so does Thorn, and as Thistle accepts the offer, Thorn begrudgingly goes along.

These Violent Nights is a slow burn enemy to lovers tale. And it is made all the more entertaining by the complexity of Thorn’s character. Thorn wants to believe a better world is possible, but the traumatic events of her past refuse to let her forget the brutality of the Surii. Despite the fact she makes poor choices, I couldn't fault her for them. Thorn desperately holds onto her beliefs because they are the only reason she has survived up until this point. And as Thistle’s adjustment to their new life grows, Thorn’s view of the world is questioned. But it is so hard for a victim to break down the walls they have created to protect themselves. Watching Thorn’s evolution as a character is heartbreaking.

Thorn being such a powerful character offset the disjointed feeling of time progression in the novel. There are many scenes where characters are coming and going, some leaving for days at a time. I felt like the plot progression came to a slight halt whenever this occurred, but in a way, it also provided slice of life moments for the characters.

But Thorn’s character isn't the only one going through complex character development. When Lucien was introduced, I knew he was going to be my favorite. His overall drive to protect his family and do the best he could for them drew me in. His character shows that survivors have different ways of coping with what has been done to them. While his tale is not as brutal as Thorn’s, Lucien's coping mechanisms have a negative influence on his relationships. The tension and emotions behind Lucien’s side of the story were addicting to read.

These Violent Nights draws you into a dark fantasy world where hope and love are equally dangerous to desire. And the cast of characters Rebecca Crunden has created will pull your heartstrings as they fight for a better world. A definite read for those who enjoy romantic tension and stories involving the fight to survive oppressive odds.

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