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There'll Be Peace When You Are Done by Lynn S. Zubernis | Book Review

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

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Book review of There'll Be Peace When We Are Done
There'll Be Peace When You Are Done by Lynn S. Zubernis

Book Review

Both on and off-screen the show Supernatural has helped hundreds of people. Lynn S. Zubernis has compiled a second collection of essays showcasing how a pop culture show has influenced people’s lives. From learning how to be true to yourself, to gaining the courage to continue each day, There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done is a testament to the power of fandom.

It’s hard to imagine a show having such a huge impact on both fans and actors. But each new story within There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done brings to light another moment where the show turned someone's life around. As a fellow fan who would not be around without the show, I felt connected to every one of these stories. The SPNFamily is immense, and for those who don’t quite understand the appeal of Supernatural, diving into this book and its counterpart, Family Don’t End with Blood, will help you gain that understanding.

Deep down Supernatural teaches people to never give up. Challenge yourself, and always strive to be true to yourself. Themes of overcoming addiction, surviving toxic relationships, and so much more are contained in this one show. Actors who were on the verge of quitting the industry, after meeting the cast of Supernatural, gained renewed enthusiasm for their line of work. Fans who fought mental illnesses for years, found the courage to continue living after learning of actors who suffered from the same. There are also quite a few fans who have created charities to help those in need because they were inspired by the actors’ own efforts.

There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done is an eye-opening experience. People’s lives are captured at their most vulnerable and shown how they carried on through the power of Supernatural. Fans of the show, and those wanting to understand the cultural phenomena that is Supernatural should pick up this book.

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