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The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson Book Review

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The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson book cover
The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

Book Review for The well of Ascension

Through Kelsier’s guidance, Vin has become a skilled Mistborn. After the events of the previous novel, the Skaa now view her as a God. Uncomfortable with being the face of a new religion, Vin must learn to deal with the attention her position has attracted. But this isn’t the only challenge Vin will face. Outside forces are setting their eyes on Luthadel to claim the hidden cache of atium from the Lord Ruler. When the sieges begin, Vin and the crew must quickly learn how to face these new threats or risk losing everything they’ve worked for.

Brandon Sanderson has the capability to create such complex characters and relationships. The entire crew, how they operate and Vin learning her place in the new world order was so well done. And when Vin encounters Zane, possibly the only other Mistborn who could understand her, the intricate dance of untrust and seeking acceptance will keep readers engaged. The reader is also allowed to see through Zane’s eyes and his twisted view of Vin. As the two meet time and again, the emotional tension between the two escalates, and the way they see each other in such different lights is fascinating.

While the relationships based on rivalry and friendship are well fleshed out, the romantic relationships aren’t given as much depth. Given Vin’s background, she struggles with connections. Vin does show how she feels inadequate for her romantic interest, yet her romantic feelings are rarely shown. Small gestures or body language would have added an extra depth of layer to her attraction. Instead, it feels immature and undiscovered. I’m hoping after the events of book two, the third installment will develop her love and trust in the person she desires.

Despite some hiccups with the emotional side of romance, The Well of Ascension is just as developed and intricate as book one. Instead of one central threat, the crew must fend off various enemies from outside their city, as well as within. And woven within the struggles, are twists and turns readers will never see coming. Right up until the final page, Sanderson keeps the reveals rolling and sets up what promises to be an epic conclusion.

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