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The Reaper's Quota by Sarah McKnight BBNYA Book Tour

The Reaper’s Quota BBNYA Tour Banner

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The Reaper's Quota by Sarah McKnight book cover
The Reaper's Quota by Sarah McKnight

Publisher: Self-Published | Length: 190 Pages | Genre: Dark Humour, Satire

Age Category: Young Adult | Date Published: 10 November 2021



Meet Grim Reaper #2497. Behind on his work, he must complete his quota of thirty Random Deaths or face termination in the worst way. Faced with an insurmountable task and very little time to complete it, Reaper #2497 struggles to hang on to the one thing he's not supposed to have - his humanity.


Book Review

Reaper #2497 remembers his name was once Steve. He also remembers the unfortunate circumstances where he killed a man and sealed his fate to become a reaper. But unlike some of the other reapers, he hates his job. While his daily assignments may help him bring mercy to those near the end of their life, the thirty random people each month weigh heavily on him. This month he’s pushing the limit. He doesn’t start his quota until he’s threatened with extermination and he has three days left to eliminate thirty people. But there has to be something he can do to restart his life. Or at the least, make something better in his reaper unlife. With three days left, Steve sets out to find a different path.

The Reaper’s Quota is steeped in dark humor and has a protagonist who tries to make the best out of his situation. Readers will travel alongside Steve as he fulfills his daily assignments and slowly but surely takes out his monthly quota. But in between reaping, readers will see Steve struggle to remember emotions and how to be human.

The story did grow repetitive at times. While this added to Steve’s experience as he struggled with his day to day reaping, adding a few extra days to Steve’s plight would have helped bring balance to the plot. With a little extra time, readers would have been able to see a more elaborate version of Steve searching for a different way and trying to experience “life” even though he was a reaper. The connection to him as a character would have been solidified and the ending would have definitely brought out a stronger emotional response.

But the little things are what I really enjoyed about The Reaper’s Quota. All the details and effort Sarah McKnight put into Steve contemplating what he would be feeling or thinking if he were still human. Even though it was all done through telling, as Steve could not experience it, it was so well written and added to the impact readers felt with his struggle.

The Reaper’s Quota contemplates life, death, and the choices people make and their final paths because of them. If you enjoy dark humor and the search for a second chance give this a read. And with the way it ends, you’ll definitely want to jump straight to book two.


Author Bio

Author Sarah McKnight
Author Sarah McKnight

Sarah McKnight has been writing stories since she could pick up a pencil, and it often got her in trouble during math class. After a brief stint teaching English to unruly middle schoolers in Japan, she decided she wasn’t going to put off her dream of becoming a writer any longer and set to work. With several novels in the making, she hopes to tackle issues such as anxiety, depression, and letting go of the past - with a little humor sprinkled in, too. A St. Louis native, she currently lives in Pennsylvania with her wonderful husband and three cats. You can find her on Twitter @mcknight_writes and

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