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The Missing Spirit by P.J. Maia | Book Review

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Book Review | The Missing Spirit by P.J. Maia
The Missing Spirit by P.J. Maia

Book Review

There’s nothing regular about you.

Keana has always felt like an outcast. Rescued from outside the walls of Paradis, she is unlike any other of the Devine immortals that surround her. Captain Milfort’s family loves her as their own, but others do not treat Keanna kindly. She’s never known her parents, and the other children see her as different, other. The Welcoming Ceremony, a tradition to awaken the Devine powers, is Keana’s only hope of fitting in. If she can prove she is one of them, just maybe they will accept her. Keana’s life will be forever changed as she completes the ceremony and discovers her true destiny.

P.J. Maia has built an in-depth culture of people who are worshipped like Gods. But unlike the divine we are used to; they have a diverse society where even those who would be revered as Gods are shunned. Not every immortal bears a special ability, and those who do not have power are seen as Regulars. Regulars must wear black to identify themselves and have their palms pierced. They are segregated from society, unable to even use the same entrance as those with abilities.

I enjoyed the story of Keana. The cruelties she endured forged her into a strong and capable young woman. Like any teen, she makes headstrong decisions that put her in the middle of trouble. It’s these antics that helped progress the story and made me grow to love the character. Keana’s personality and blunt attitude towards everything made me laugh and lightened up some of the heavier political moments.

While the main story was able to keep my attention, the prologue did throw me for a loop the first time I read it. One conflict led to another and I was easily lost in what was going on. Without a little bit of worldbuilding beforehand, all the new terminology and names confused me. The prologue is explained in detail later on in the story, but I could have done with a more solid foundation to start with.

I do think the author relied too heavily on the glossary to explain some terms. Each new word was linked directly to the glossary in the eBook, which is a great feature, but also a little jarring. I had to be pulled from the narrative to understand because there is little explanation surrounding them. This is one of those books you have to hit the ground running with. I do admit once I had a better grasp of the world, I went back to read the prologue and understood it more.

Despite some of its downfalls, I enjoyed the story of Keana and the society of the Devine. I am interested in seeing where the next book takes us.

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