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The Magic of Krynn Book Review

The Magic of Krynn book cover
The Magic of Krynn

The Magic of Krynn Book Review

In The Magic of Krynn, readers will be indulged by short stories focusing on magical mishaps and new tales of challenges the companions from the original trilogy have faced. It is always a joy to learn about events in secondary characters' lives in relation to the greater picture of Dragonlance. And at the same time revisiting old friends and side adventures they’ve experienced. 

Otik’s story in particular was a hilariously good time. Anyone who has read the original trilogy knows The Inn of the Last Home. In the short story Love and Ale readers learn about a special batch of ale Otik unknowingly brewed. While trying to rid himself of a spell component, the kender Moonwick pours it into the current batch of Otik’s brew. When the cask is opened later during serving hours, the results are quite surprising to Otik and Tika. Let’s just say Moonwick may have turned Otik’s brew into a love spell.

On the other hand, one of the first stories was a little hard to understand. The Magic of Krynn opens with Riverwind and the Crystal Staff. The crystal staff is an important catalyst for the companions' adventures in the founding trilogy. However, this one was told in the canticle style and while it was full of imagery and creativity my mind had a difficult time following it. That being said, the amount of passion and dedication Riverwind felt towards his task and Goldmoon was clear.

The Magic of Krynn is volume one of the Tales series. Designed to entertain readers with stories of both well-known characters and little-known characters. There is sure to be something for everyone in this Dragonlance anthology.

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