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The Forbidden Scrolls by Matthew Cesca | Book Review

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

The Forbidden Scrolls by Matthew Cesca - Book Review
The Forbidden Scrolls by Matthew Cesca

Book Review

Juliyah grew up in a town where half-bloods like herself were treated like animals. At a young age, she learned how to steal to survive, and fought her way free of her oppressive start in life. But when she decides to take a job that promises a large payout, she’s going to find herself in a world of trouble. Stealing the scroll seemed easy until she was betrayed and left for dead. And when she finds out the truth about the scroll she stole, Juliyah will realize she has made a terrible mistake. Juliyah joins forces with those she stole from to seek her revenge and take back the scroll. Because if they are too late, the power contained in the scroll will bring about devastation.

Juliyah was a fun to read character. She is a confident and secure half-elf. Despite everything she has been through, she doesn’t let anyone compromise her own set of morals. I did notice that the writing had her smiling a lot to convey emotion. I would have liked to see more of a diversity in body language. But aside from that, she was well written and flowed well with all of the secondary characters.

The Forbidden Scrolls is a book that lays the foundation for future adventures. Readers will be swept up in the world-building as they follow Juliyah and her companions. While there isn’t a lot of action in this first book, it is sprinkled throughout the storytelling. Readers will learn about the different races and religions and how it all pertains to the current situation. There is also a clever subplot that evolves as the story progresses, exploring how the Gods are choosing Paladins to fight for them.

No one seems to know the battle that will soon be waged. Even the Paladins themselves are unsure of the events that have been set into motion. But I can almost guarantee the next book will be thrilling as everything comes to an explosive head towards the end of The Forbidden Scrolls. I can’t wait to see how all the characters evolve as this story progresses, and the epic battles I am sure are about to be waged. Fans of fantasy, start your journey now!

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