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The Book Recommendations Book Tag | Book Talk

Hello my fellow bookish friends! This week I found The Book Recommendations Book Tag to bring to you all! This tag was originally created by Ally over at Ally Writes Things and is full of great prompts that really made me think. Let's see if I can recommend you are few more books to add to your TBR.

The Book Recommendation Book Tag | Book Talk


  • Tag Ally @allypallystaken so I can see your recommendations!

  • Give at least one recommendation for each of the prompts below

  • If you don’t have a recommendation, talk about a book you want to read

  • Tag your friends


A Book About Friendship

Kitra by Gideon Marcus | Book Talk

Kitra is the first book that comes to mind for this one. Seeing characters work together and overcome hardships while maintaining their friendships is a favorite theme of mine. In Kitra, the cast of friends have to overcome overwhelming odds when they are stranded in space. Together they have to keep up their morale and find a way out of their impossible situation.

You can find my book review here.


A Translated Book

The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski | Book Talk

If you follow my reviews, you know I have a bittersweet relationships with The Witcher books. But I also know many people enjoy them and I still think you should give them a try. The Last Wish is translated from Polish and was my favorite of The Witcher books. It's a collection of short stories centered around Geralt and introduces a host of characters and lore. It's a great way to test the out the world of The Witcher to see if you'll enjoy the novels.

You can find my book review here.


A Diverse Romance

This one is tough. I do not read romance novels easily, I generally do not enjoy them. Bloody sword fights? Absolutely. People looking doe eyed at each other? Not so much. Any romance books I end up reading are recommended to me by my fellow book friends and they let me know if the romantic hype in it will be too much for me. So for this question I'm going to ask you to recommend me a diverse romance to read, because I honestly have no clue.


A Fast-Paced Book

Magical Midlife Madness by K. F. Breene | Book Talk

Fast-paced books are my forte. I love books that force characters into one situation after another, making the tension ebb and flow. There are so many I could recommend, so I'll go with one I don't think is as well known.

Magical Midlife Madness isn't one of those typical action packed novels. No, what makes this such a quick read are the quirky characters. The mishaps and humor carry on from one scene to the next and will have you laughing the entire time. While there is magic and some fight based action, majority of the novel will have you wrapped up in Jacinta's denial and final realization that magic is real. And her new life is going to be one crazy adventure after another.

You can read my book review here.


A non-fiction book (not a memoir)

Stiff by Mary Roach | Book Talk

Ever wonder what happens to human cadavers? They aren't just used to train medical students. Oh no, they are used in a wide variety of applications. Sounds odd doesn't? Mary Roach's approach to researching cadavers is at times as comical as it is dark. This one made me both horrified and fascinated.

Check out my book review here.


An Underrated Memoir

They Don't Need to Understand by Andy Biersack | Book Talk

Memoirs are a genre I dabble in from time to time. I can't say I have read a lot of them, but I do have a few still lingering on my TBR. I don't believe any of mine are underrated, but I will highlight Andy Biersack's They Don't Need to Understand. I'm not sure how wide of an audience it has reached aside from those who enjoy his music like I do.

Black Veil Brides has influenced my life in so many ways. Reading about Andy's life and the obstacles both he and the band faced was such an inspiring read. It took so much hard work to reach the point they are at in their careers. And the amount of people who bullied Andy and looked down on him just because he was different is heartbreaking to read about. But it is also one of those books I think many people will be able to connect with.

Check out my book review here.


A Book With Fewer Than 10,000 Ratings on Goodreads

The Murders of Molly Southbourne by Tade Thompson | Book Talk

Do you like horror? Do you like stories about clones? What if the story were about your own clones trying to murder you? The Murders of Molly Southbourne is one of those books I can't believe isn't more popular. It's less than two hundred pages of masterful storytelling. I love dark macabre stories and Molly's tale hits all the right notes.

Check out my book review here.


A Book With a LGBTQ+ Protagonist

Amy of the Necromancers by Jimena I. Novaro | Book Talk

Amy of the Necromancers is one of those books that dives into not only LGBTQ+ representation, but mental health as well. Amy disassociates as a way to deal with her abilities and suffers from depression. And while many stories about necromancers focus on horror, this one instead focuses on the impact Amy's ability has on her self and others.

Check out my book review here.


A Book By a Trans/Non-Binary Author

The Girl From the Well by Rin Chupeco | Book Talk

The Girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco is such a spine tingling tale. I love the blending of Japanese mythology and horror. They did a fantastic job writing from a vengeful spirit's point of view. Okiku is one of those characters I will never forget. Not one for the feint of heart. But if you enjoy stories about avenging ghosts, give it a try.

You can find my book review here.


A Book with More Than 500 Pages

Dragons of the Dwarven Depths by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman | Book Talk

You all had to know Dragonlance would make an appearance somewhere. I love Dragonlance and Dragons of the Dwarven Depths was a fun return for me to the series. Ok, ok so you should read the original Chronicles before starting this one, but Dragons of Autumn Twilight is under 500 pages. I love reading about the companions and the various adventures they find themselves involved with. This time readers have a chance to visit the dwarves under the mountain and experience their history.

You can find my book review here.


A short story collection

Little Killers A to Z by Howard Odentz | Book Talk

I avoid short story collections. Not that I see anything wrong with them, but I tend to not enjoy every story in them. Little Killers A to Z is one of those rare short story collections were I loved every story. Again, I'm a huge fan of horror and dark writing, so reading about these tiny killers was mind boggling. It doesn't feel like they stories should be believable, but Howard Odentz's writing leaves no doubt.

Check out my book review here.


A book you want everyone to read

The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin | Book Talk

Just one? I'm that person who shouts from the roof tops when I discover a new favorite. However, there is one book that floored me so much I retained quite the book hangover. The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin is a masterpiece. Rich worldbuilding, complex characters, and all the emotions you can imagine. The story is so well crafted and once you begin to unearth the truth of the world you will be astounded.

Check out my book review here.

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