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The Alchemist: Awakening by L.A. Wasielewski Book Review

Book cover for The Alchemist: Awakening by L.A. Wasielewski
The Alchemist: Awakening by L.A. Wasielewski

The Alchemist: Awakening Book Review

After a painful loss at the end of the last battle, Ryris and his friends must face ever-growing odds. The army of dead continues to rise as Roann rampages across the land. But as much as Ryris and the others want to put a stop to the necromancer, they are no match for him. Yet. It’s time for Ryris and the others to circle their forces and push themselves to new heights. Only by delving into the past and challenging themselves, can they face the future with any hope of taking down Roann.

Ryris has gone through a complete transformation due to the losses he’s had to endure. And the road forward will be even more treacherous. L.A. Wasielewski has done a brilliant job of transforming the carefree Alchemist into a battle-hardened mage. I would hardly recognize Ryris if I went back and read the first novel. And yet despite all he has faced, he still has a long way to go before he can even think of facing down Roann.

The tone of this final novel delves into even darker territory. Roann enjoys torturing anyone close to Ryris, as any pain caused to the alchemist brings Roann joy. And while the resolve of some characters may be large, the depth of injuries Roann causes to some is beyond disturbing. Details spent on these scenes I wish had been transferred to smoothing out transitions.

It can be a little jarring when the characters are moving from one area to another. Without a smooth transition, readers have to refocus on how and where the characters are. But once the reader catches on again the final Alchemist book is near nonstop action. Desperation seeps into the pages as Ryris and company try to combat the overbearing powers of necromancy. For every soldier that falls fighting against Roann, they rise once again to fight mindlessly alongside him.

The Alchemist: Awakening is filled with brutal conflict and emotional upheavals. Each battle raises the stakes higher and higher. Characters are forced to face their own limitations and push themselves ever closer to the edge of what they can handle. This is a story for readers who enjoy large climactic struggles and generous amounts of character development.

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