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System Collapse by Martha Wells Book Review

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System Collapse by Martha Wells book cover
System Collapse by Martha Wells

System Collapse Book Review

Barish-Estranza corporation has set its sights on a planet where colonization didn’t go as planned. Their plan is to persuade the colony to join work camps under the false belief of a better life. But Murderbot, ART, and crew hope to find the colonists and prevent them from signing their lives away. When Barish-Estranza realizes the team's intentions, they pull every underhanded tactic to claim the colonists. Willing or not.

I absolutely enjoyed the portrayal of how stress eats away at someone’s primary functions until they’re allowed to relax and take a break. With the stress of an entire colony’s hope hovering over the team, Murderbot worked quickly, pulling in all team members to create a solution. And as time ticked by, the stress levels increased. When they finished their best efforts, Murderbot was exhausted and ready for a reboot. 

Martha Wells has an amazing way of showing readers the complexities of human emotions through the eyes of Murderbot. As Murderbot struggles to come to terms with past trauma, its input and performance rating dwindle. Second guessing itself, and making mistakes, all of this takes place as Murderbot begins to realize what is affecting its actions. But knowing the cause (emotions, ick!) and working through those pesky emotions, are two entirely different things.

There is a well-established balance between viewing Murderbot’s internal struggles and the outside forces working against the team. Action and emotion combined to create an engaging story. System Collapse was another phenomenal addition to the Murderbot Diaries. With each new book, Murderbot’s awareness and understanding increases. And each story shows readers a bit more of the world and how the corporations work within it. 

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