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Legendary by Stephanie Garber | Book Review

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

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Book Review | Legendary by Stephanie Garber
Legendary by Stephanie Garber

Book Review

Are you ready for another game? The magic of Caraval once again graces the world for the Empress's birthday and this time Tella has no choice but to play. Indebted to a dangerous man, Tella must win the game in order to discover Legend’s true name to clear her debt. But winning the game may cost her more than she originally bargained for. As the magic of Caraval comes to life Tella will find herself swept up in a fight for both her heart and life. But it’s just a game. Or is it?

Tella’s story is a much faster paced adventure than Scarlet’s. Tella is impulsive and more likely to take risks. She is also quite the conflicted character once you get to know her, and I loved every minute of it. She dives headfirst into situations and is passionate about everything she does. Even if she is afraid, she does her best not to show it and has a sharp tongue to back her up. The pacing was also helped by the fact that the stakes were higher than the last book. Tella has to go through riskier situations than Scarlet ever had to. As a character, Scarlet most likely would not have been able to accomplish even half of what Tella did in this book.

The world is also cracked open and expands beyond the sisters and their family. Stephanie Garber begins to add in world history, information on the fates, and how magic once worked. And don’t worry the family ties are still a strong theme in this story, they are just accented by the world-building.

Stephanie Garber has once again created a beautiful and dangerous world for the characters to traverse. The descriptions are just as vivid and colorful as in Caraval, drawing the reader in and immersing them in a world that leaves them stunned. The writing style of Legendary is bursting with creativity and immediately pulls you in, making you sort through what is real and imaginary alongside the characters. And even after the story has come to an end you will look back over everything you experienced to try to sort out what was real. I don’t want this adventure to end, but there is only one more book to go. And I can’t wait to start it!

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