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Finale by Stephanie Garber | Book Review

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

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Book Review of Finale by Stephanie Garber
Finale by Stephanie Garber

Book Review

The Fates have been freed, allowing them to wander among the people and play their disturbing games. Whether it's turning a family into stone, or stringing up people to turn them into puppets. Tella and Scarlet must outwit the Fates before it is too late. And the one person with the power to defeat them, may not be trustworthy. Legend may sit on the throne, but that doesn’t mean he will be willing to help. Not if it risks his powers.

This time instead of only one sister narrating, Finale switches between Tella and Scarlet’s point of view. Given that the previous books were each told by one sister, it made sense for the last book to share POV. This provided a creative way for each sister to complete her story arc. Unfortunately, this also allowed for each to become involved in a love triangle as well.

Finale steps away from the thrill of Caraval and focuses on romantic relationships. As the world changes due to the magic of the Fates, the drama caused by each relationship grows. But the conflicts on both sides felt disjointed. At times there were plot elements added that only ended up coming to a halt and never fully explored. Some of the more dramatic reveals fell flat because there was not enough build-up to support them.

Much of the magic and mystery that brought this series to life was put to the side for more upfront and immediate conflict. The Fates were intense villains with grotesque abilities, but the focus always remained on the character’s romance. And the unique way Stephanie Garber described scenes from the previous novels, focused instead on detailing the dresses each sister wore. Finale fell more into the typical young adult romance genre than the intricate fantasy it started as.

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