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Lacey Goes to Tokyo: Miss Belle's Travel Guides by C.H. Lyn Book Review

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Lacey Goes to Tokyo: Miss Belle's Travel Guides by C.H. Lyn book cover
Lacey Goes to Tokyo: Miss Belle's Travel Guides by C.H. Lyn

Blurb for Lacey Goes to Tokyo

International travel means international danger.

Miss Belle’s Travel Guides isn’t your typical travel company. They write books, post blogs, and have some excellent restaurant recommendations, but there is something darker under the surface.

Lacey, a four-year veteran with the agency, is on a mission in Tokyo. Her job: pose as an escort to the CFO of a major American corporation while she uncovers the vital information she was hired to find.

The assignment proves to be more than she bargained for. A rogue reporter threatens her mission and her cover, putting a village worth of innocent lives at risk in the search for his story.

To protect Lacey’s cover, as well as the agency, Miss Belle jumps into action. She takes off for Eastern Asia, acting on the intelligence Lacey uncovered to stop the slaughter before it’s too late.

Can these beautiful, intelligent, and deadly women complete their assignment unscathed? Or will this mission be their last?


Lacey Goes to Tokyo Book Review

Thank you to Bound By Mischief for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Miss Belle’s escort service is highly prized. Trained to be the best, her employees know exactly how to entertain their clients. And how to find useful information as well. When Lacey flies to Tokyo, it isn’t just to entertain a CFO, it’s also to find out company secrets. Ones putting lives in danger. But when an unexpected guest throws her carefully laid plans out the window, Lacey finds herself having to plan a rescue mission. Expediting information to Miss Belle, she must trust her to save hundreds of lives.

To the outside world, it appears as though Miss Belle runs a top-class escort service. And while those who work for her may be escorts, they are highly trained in espionage as well. Each and every one of Miss Belle’s employees are well cared for and given a choice in their jobs. Miss Belle is a hard-working woman. She does everything she can to give those in her care a better life. But readers will also see the toll Miss Belle’s job takes. She must be careful in all her interactions, to protect not only the business but everyone involved as well. This causes quite the tension among her personal connections outside the business.

C.H. Lynn is an expert at details. They give just enough information to let readers know the situations Miss Belle and Lacey run into. And despite the subject area, the spice level is low allowing readers who want to read a little bit of risque content at a happy level. Not to mention the cliffhanger chapters! Lacey and Miss Belle will be poised at the edge of danger, but readers will be moved back and forth between the two characters' viewpoints. Readers will be eagerly tearing through the pages wanting to know what happens next.

Lacey Goes to Tokyo is a fantastic start to the Miss Belle’s Travel Guide series. Both Miss Belle and Lacey are powerful and determined women. With such fierce independence and a drive to help others, I can’t wait to be introduced to more of Miss Belle’s operatives. Not to mention the snippets of travel guide-esque descriptions, placing readers right into the heart of their destinations. Readers who enjoy action packed and high tension stories should give this one a try.

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