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Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames Book Review

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Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames
Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames

Kings of the Wyld Book Review

Kings of the Wyld hits spot on with the balance between humor and darker fantasy. The team encounters quite a shock at how different it is to start a band and earn their keep. Gone are the days of working hard to earn a name. There are now contests and parades, fanfare, and PR that Clay’s team would have never imagined participating in. And of course, all of this is a parallel comparison to the music industry in the modern age as well! Earning your name is more than just playing shows in the hopes of catching the eyes of the right audience, it’s social media and fanfare.

And while readers will enjoy the many subtle (and not so subtle) ties into music, there are also wonderful character dynamics. Clay is such a stalwart father figure. While he leads a boring life, it’s a peaceful one where he can enjoy his family and watch his daughter grow up. And despite all he faces on his latest adventure, his mind is never far from his family. And while he is a family man, he also has deep connections to his crew. He’s formed bonds with each member of the band. And while they go through ups and downs, and many mistakes, he remains steadfastly loyal to them. He is a character who faces down impossible odds to protect his family and friends.

Alongside the wholesome moments and humorous pluck, there is a darker fantasy undertone. It is no secret the band is marching toward what could be their death. They must travel through the Wylds, which brings a level of danger most adventures don’t have the courage to face. There is also a slow creeping devastation as characters face down the fears lingering in the back of their minds, and harsh realities come to light. 

Kings of the Wyld balances humor with dark fantasy, to create a unique and engaging story. For fans of rock music, this will also have plenty of easter eggs. The characters are well written and the relationship dynamics are phenomenal. Character personalities blend into a complex and intricate team that will entertain readers through every leg of their journey. Fantasy fans have to read this book.

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