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January Moon by Victoria Danes | Book Review

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

January Moon by Victoria Danes - Book Review
January Moon by Victoria Danes

Book Review

Thank you to Victoria Danes for providing me with a copy for an honest review!

Jade and Adrian must wait until the January moon to become true mates even though their human and wolf halves are inexplicably drawn to one another. But other alpha males are lying in wait, wanting their chance at Jade, and emotions are running high. When Adrian loses his temper and attacks the supreme alpha’s grandson, he can either face death or compete to win Jade under the January moon. As Jade races to stop a serial killer, she can’t let herself become distracted by the pack’s politics, or else she may not make it to the next full moon.

I love Jade’s character. She is such an independent and confident woman. She knows what she wants and she refuses to let anyone stand in her way. But the politics and hierarchy in the pack are at constant odds with what she truly wants. As a reader, I channeled Jade’s frustration as she tried to live her life her way, and constantly met opposition. She also feels so deeply due to her abilities and watching her emotions play out as she hunted for the serial killer created some wonderfully tense scenes.

January Moon ramps up the sexual tension and pack politics. Despite being an alpha’s daughter, Jade’s wolf recognizes that she must obey the supreme alpha, and he makes sure to put her into precarious situations. Jade has a fiery temper and doesn’t appreciate being backed into a corner. Combine this with a serial killer who continues to escape her and readers will find themselves immersed in a book filled with intense action as Jade fights tooth and nail to get what she wants.

I highly suggest this book for readers who enjoy strong female characters. January Moon has the perfect balance of action, romance, and suspense. The relationship portrayed has the perfect balance of wants and needs, making compromises for one another and weathering whatever storms may come. Adults only for this one though, as some of the scenes are pretty passionate.

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