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Inner Expanses by Reyadh Rahaman | Book Review

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Book Review | Inner Expanses by Reyadh Rahaman
Inner Expanses by Reyadh Rahaman

Book Review

As you read Inner Expanses you are drawn into two different worlds. In one, Jim Lobe is struggling to make it through each day battling depression. In the other, a variety of monsters are fighting each day to gain what is called The Control. The two storylines feed off of each other at first as the struggles of each seem to coincide. However, as the book continues the two worlds divide and lead the reader into following two very different stories. There are hints across each that the other world exists, but I would have liked to see more of a connection between Jim Lobe’s storyline and the monsters before certain plot points were revealed.

Reyadh Rahaman has a talent for writing creative and engaging battle scenes. Each time the monsters went head to head in their continuous battles, I never knew what to expect. There is such a variety of creatures that it was hard for me to remember all of their descriptions, but have no doubt that each one is as gruesome as their abilities. And be prepared for the dark fantasy side to come out in these battles as the monsters show no mercy when provoked.

There are deeper themes at play that start to surface as you journey with Jim and the monsters. Questions of purpose and how to overcome life’s boundaries. At times the philosophical side was drawn out, but it served a purpose as the monsters began to evolve their mindsets. I found that Jim’s story wasn’t as interesting as the monsters, but he still made bold choices and his journey took some unexpected turns. If you are a fan of stories where you put the pieces together as you read, then you will enjoy Inner Expanses.

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