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Haze by Rebecca Crunden | Book Review

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

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Book Review - Haze by Rebecca Crunden
Haze by Rebecca Crunden

Book Review

A big thank you to Rebecca Crunden for providing me a copy for an honest review!

Erik is a boy plagued by his father's crimes. But despite the town whispering behind his back, he’s found love and his life is steering itself in the right direction. Engaged to Erik, Eliza couldn’t be happier. Until her sister begins to question Erik and Eliza receives a phone call from one of Erik’s exes. But his ex is dead. Doubts begin to surface and they come crashing to the surface in a single act that will change Erik and Eliza forever.

Be ready to dive into turbulent emotions, lost love, and supernatural mystery when you pick up Haze by Rebecca Crunden. The characterization done throughout this book is out of this world. I was riveted by the character arcs as pieces of the puzzle began to unravel, and the past was peeled back bit by bit. The supernatural elements are subtle at first, growing as the characters began to discover more about the past.

If you are a fan of redemption arcs, then you will enjoy Haze. Readers will watch characters fall to their lowest points and fight their way towards becoming better people. There is also an overarching mystery that the characters try to solve as they relive past events. The focus of this book is not the fantasy element, but rather the character relationships and learning how to overcome tragedy.

I enjoyed every minute of this book! The back and forth between Erik and Eliza kept me glued to the pages. The tension and the conflict between these two characters were so heart wrenching. I needed to know if they could overcome their past. I highly recommend Haze to fans of romance and supernatural mystery.

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