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A Game of Wings and Marks by Rebecca Crunden | Book Review

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Book Review of A Game of Wings and Marks
A Game of Wings and Marks by Rebecca Crunden

Book Review

Thank you to Rebecca Crunden for providing me a copy for an honest review!

When Octavia stumbles on the dying angel Tamiel, she has no idea just how quickly her life is about to change. Having fallen in love with a human, Tamiel has become hunted by his kind. Without hesitation, Octavia helps him and in turn, is swept up in the world of angels and demons. She suddenly finds herself bound to both the archangel Raphael and the Demon of Games, Zev. Caught between the two warring races, Octavia must decide who to trust and not risk losing her heart in the process.

Rebecca Crunden has a talent for creating realistic and engaging characters. I connected with Octavia on so many different levels as she learned to navigate her new reality and relationships. She is a woman who’s learned to stand up for herself and will do anything to help a friend. And as she learns what it means to have angels and demons in her life, instead of giving in to fear, she buckles down and does what has to be done.

My only wish is that the characters were able to stay in certain scenes longer. A Game of Wings and Marks has a quickly moving plot. While each scene does have enough detail to give readers the full picture, it isn’t quite enough to fully immerse in the moment. Time seemed to move forward swiftly and with the number of secondary characters introduced, it was a little hard to keep them all straight.

However, Rebecca Crunden’s world building is spot on. The lore of angels and demons is worked in throughout the story as Octavia seeks out information on the new world she’s been brought into. And as Octavia progressively learns more, the situations she finds herself in become increasingly intense, demanding the reader continue to find out what will happen to her. And watch out for those twists that will be thrown your way.

Fans of Urban Fantasy will want to pick up A Game of Wings and Marks. The characters are great, and the romance and action will draw you in. This is a fast paced book that readers won’t want to put down.

To Purchase: Amazon | Author's Website

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