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Esme's Gift by Elizabeth Foster | Book Review

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

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Esme's Gift by Elizabeth Foster | Book Review
Esme's Gift by Elizabeth Foster

Book Review

Esme’s mother lies in a coma. The only way to wake her is to make a magical elixir, but using it comes with a high cost. If it isn’t mixed correctly, Esme may lose her mother forever. Esme must master her gift to look back in time to save her mother. She must find all the ingredients as she races against the clock. But gifts are running wild now that the balance of Esperance has been restored. And there’s a new boy in town that brings back awful memories of Nathan Mare. Can Esme find all the ingredients in time? Or will she once again lose her mother?

Esme will travel to new areas of Aeolia, expanding on the world-building Elizabeth Foster so artfully crafted in the first book. Readers will be swept away by the magic as Esme faces her toughest obstacles yet. But she isn’t alone. Best friends Daniel and Lillian will be right beside her, lending their strength and the use of their newfound gifts.

While the first book hinted at why Esme and her stepmother, Penelope, didn’t get along, Esme’s Gift expands on her stepmother’s behavior. Readers will see how Penelope acts towards Esme and her true intentions. I am glad that Esme had the world of Aeolia to turn to when things took a turn for the worst at home. Though I felt bad for Esme as her father refused to believe Esperance was real, I found comfort in the fact that she had a group of friends waiting for her in Aeolia who would do anything to help her.

I could not put this book down as Esme and her friends found themselves in new situations that forced them to grow as characters. There was so much more tension and conflict as they learned about Aeolia’s dark past and faced down new challenges. And all the while there was a clock ticking in the background as Esme’s mother continued to fade away. Rest assured, readers will find a mix of action, adventure, and mystery in this novel.

And there is so much left to tell of Esme’s story! I can’t wait for another addition to this series!

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