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Dust on the Altar by Michelle Winkler | Book Tour

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

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Dust on the Altar by Michelle Winkler | Book Review
Dust on the Altar by Michelle Winkler

Book Review

Thank you to Michelle Winkler for providing me a copy of Dust on the Altar in exchange for an honest review, and for including me in her book tour!

To be within the bounds of Sun City a witch must be branded and may not use their magic. While there are factions within the city fighting for witch rights, most choose to help from the shadows. After the death of her parents, Jade hid in Sun City. She shunned the magical powers that failed her when she was a child and withdrew her ties to magic. Until tragedy strikes once again and she is called back to her hometown of Sugar Hill. Jade must reclaim her faith in magic, or risk the collapse of the Sugar Hill Coven. But will fear and tragedy overcome her, before she can ascend to high priestess?

Dust on the Altar is so much more than an urban fantasy tale. It is also a story of friendship, faith, and overcoming fear. Jade ran from her fears and troubles as a child, but returning to Sugar Hill forces her to face everything she ran away from. And she doesn’t return to the town alone. Her best friend April is right alongside her. April may not have magic, but she slowly begins to accept the witch side of Jade, showing how friendship can transcend any bounds.

While this book may be slower paced than my usual reads, I loved the world Michelle Winkler built and the challenges Jade had to overcome. Each test Jade underwent, pushed her further along in her development, building her into the character readers see by the end. Such seamless writing and clever plot development kept me engaged even if it wasn’t filled with magical battles or showy displays. And the detail spent on the rituals and overall feel of the town and the people within it was wonderful.

Great characters and a charming world to immerse yourself in. I highly recommend Dust on the Altar to fans of urban fantasy and witchy tales. You won’t be disappointed! I can't wait for the next book!

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